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BMN MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT CO., LTD (BMN MSI CO., Ltd) was established on May 26, 2009 with the business code number 0103877152.

            The company specializes in providing scientific and technical solutions to help production partners in the field of pharmaceuticals, science and technology, electronics ... to help improve product quality, accelerate the production process at a cost. Optimize to help improve business reputation

      The company is currently the distribution representative of many famous brands in the world such as:

Charles River - USA - specializes in providing solutions, process of endotoxin testing in injections, infusions, pharmaceuticals, dialysis water, remote medicine, stem cell therapy and Gram +/- rapid test solution in colony samples.

TSI Inc - USA - Providing clean room classification and monitoring solutions, training companies ISO 14644-1 / 2: 2015 - standard of clean room classification, ISO 21501-4 - equipment calibration standards optical particle counting, ISO 14698-1 / 2 - microbiological testing and microbiological control for clean rooms ... PM2.5 particle monitoring device for offices, home appliances, buildings, hospitals.

Stemcell Technologies - Canada - Provide solutions for culturing hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, image acquisition of stem cell clusters, ...

Biowest - France - Provides cell culture environment

PMM - Germany - Supplied 3-layer pre-packed agar plates for checking clean rooms Class A, B, and C.

GONOTEC - Germany - Osmotic pressure gauge

Kruess- Germany- Polarimeter, reverse microscope, biological microscope, flame spectrometer ...

Systec - Germany - The world's leading advanced autoclave system

Genano - Phosphate - Electrostatic air purifier, which eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungal spores in clean rooms and removes -0.003 um nanoparticles.

Biolasco - Taiwan - Experimental mouse, Rat Bal B / C, Nud Scid ...

With the view that every good product requires a good and fast service to meet customer requirements, the knowledge gained for each employee helps to improve the knowledge and skills of BMN staff.

All BMN employees receive continuous training in theory and practical practice from the senior management team of the company as well as from the manufacturers.

For strategic product lines, the free loan policy is applied, which makes the customer's production work uninterrupted when the customer sends the machine to BMN for calibration and repair.

Please contact BMN for the best solution for your work.

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