: 12970

Mircrobiological air sampler follow iso14698

: trio-bas-isolator

Mircrobiological air sampler follow iso14698


    Air sampler to be offered to customers who make a large number of controls, in isolators or with staff rotation and that comply with the quality standards and QM LPG / GMP.

    The use of three independent aspirating heads (satellite units) allows you to make three contemporary sampling cycles in three different isolators or in an isolator using different culture nutrients.

    The sampling times are drastically reduced and limit the risk of contamination of the interior of the isolator since the connection between the control unit and isolator occurs by a simple electric cable. The automatic registration of operator, sampling location, sampling point and culture plates takes place automatically by means of a system of radio frequency RFID.          

    As an alternative to RFID, this air sampler can be equipped with a BARCODE module through the use of a scanner (Barcode Reader) with Bluetooth. The data collected by the Barcode Reader are transmitted directly to the instrument. This solution proves to be useful for those who already use culture plates with Barcode 1D or two-dimensional Barcode 2D (QR Quick Response Code). The subsequent transfer of the collected data is via Bluetooth between the sampler and a PC or Laptop equipped with Bluetooth.

    The PC or Laptop should have a dedicated software (BAS.PC). Battery charging is done by induction without any cable connection between the instrument and the charger. The Air sampler is free of any external plugs and is IP65 certified.

    The induction charging base is equipped with a system that allows, regardless of auto-calibration already present in the instrument, to be able to check and possibly realign the state of precision of the air flow. This verification is necessary to avoid possible invalidation of the tests between annual controls for official certification.

    The most important customers are the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries (and all those other industries that have to apply GPL and GMP rules). Other customers are cosmetics, medical devices, industries that package sterile products for third parties, etc..

    Innovative Performances Traditional Performances
    • Explosion proof (ATEX) version 1 and version 2
    • Bayonet aspirating head
    • Sampling time/volume: 1.000 litres in less than 3,5 minutes
    • Stainless steel or PS transparent disposable sterile or PC sterilizable head
    • Automatic instrument calibration
    • Check calibration system on site
    • No external connections
    • Induction battery charger
    • RFID Reader
    • BARCODE Reader
    • Bluetooth transfer data: PC, smartphone, tablet, printer
    • Identification according GPL/GMP/QM
    • IP 65 water & dust protection  
    • Techno plastic shockproof body
    • Stainless steel sampling chamber for isolators
    • Antibacterial treatment and chemical resistance
    • Bluetooth remote control
    • 90 cycle x1.000 lts for each head
    • Flexibility for many type of commercial plates
    • Contact plate (RODAC) or Petri dish without adapter
    • Battery autonomy  up 100.000 litres of air
    • Military type case
    • Easy servicing
    • Sampling at 210°
    • 100 or 200 litres air / minute
    • 3 Separated Cascade Passwoards
    • Light Portable instrument for easy manupulation
    • Alpha Numeric display
    • Sequential, Interval, Simoultaneus sampling
    • Automatic switch off
    • I.Q, O.Q., P.Q. Documentation
    • Cycle memorization
    • International standard
    • Low battery alarm
    • Menu’ software Instructions in several languages
    • Bioaerosol Application Notes
    • Buzz end of cycle